Red White Red is a Austrian-Croatian Corporate Group that develops, plans, builds and operates high-quality energy production assets and commercial real estate. All of our managers and owners have decades of experience in the energy and real estate sectors, both as operative managers and as entrepreneurs. We independently fund our all of projects, and work with our investors to deliver facilities that our customers and investors both find outstanding and exciting.


In a market where many real estate projects become abandoned due to lack of funding or lack of competence, having a strong trustworthy partner like Red White Red is essential. We assist our customers from the very beginning, and locate, plan and build for them. We even help with founding and setting up a company if they want to use the tax benefits offered by Croatia to companies acquiring real estate.


With our modern, eco-friendly investments, we work to preserve our world for the next generation, just as we do with the multi-generation investment projects we create. We are an Austrian-Croatian Corporate Group that is 100% privately financed and 100% equity-driven. Red White Red d.o.o. is registered at Mrkopojska Ulica 5, 10000 Zagreb, Croatia with the Registration Number OIB 19287578843.

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