Project Neptun is a renewable energy project, where our investors and us generate clean, renewable energy from the pristine waters of the croatian mountains. With this a state-of-the art hydropower plant Red White Red not only reduces CO2 and Greenhouse gas emissions, but offers investors a healthy return on their investment … forever. Project Neptun is scheduled to produce energy for 65 years, and be revitalised by the next generation.

Project Paradise is an integrated Tourism Distributed Ressort Develoment Project, where Red White Red will create three beautiful Appartment houses with all amenities, a quality dining restaurant with live DJ bar and an event beach with daily live music and performances by international charting artists in collaboration with Count Zero Records. Our guests will love the combined experience between world class hospitality, culinary delight and international top entertainment – and our investors will love the lively returns.

Helios is a large scale ground mounted Photovoltaic Powerplant project that will focus the beaming croatian sun into saving greenhouse gases, creating renewable energy and healthy returns for our investors. The wide area of the croatian flatlands that is graced by world-class sun, working year-round for us allows Red White Red to create a project of great positive environmental impact and economic benefit.

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