Ing. Mag. Georg P. Mavridis, Bakk.

Board Member and Owner

Mr. Mavridis is an Austrian Greek Entrepreneur and Manager with three decades of experience. He currently operates multiple businesses in media, tech and real estate. He focuses on management, finances and operations.

Philipp A. Hohenberg

Board Member and Owner

Mr. Hohenberg is an Austrian Entrepreneur and venture capitalist operating in real estate, media and new technology. He has close connections to Croatia and focuses on business and project development as well as investor relations.

Mladen Šicel, mag.

CEO / Chief executive officer

Mr. Šicel is a Croatian manager with decades of expirience including especially the energy sector with various management positions in natural gas and energy technology companies as well as the real estate sector. He focuses on project management and plant operations.

Margareta Kutnjak Mavridis, mmmmag.

COO / Chief operating officer

Mrs. Kutnjak is a Croatian manager with extensive of expirience including as a goverment expert for labour, social partnership member and board member of the health insurance system. She focuses on compliance and finances.

ing. Marc Szitter

CIO / Chief investment officer

Mr. Szitter is an Austrian renewable energy expert engineer currently working and residing in Switzerland. Mr. Szitter has been in management positions in the electromobility and energy industry for 15+ years, and is one of the foremost experts in his fields. He focuses on project development and investor relations.

ing. Heinrich Sorgner

CCO / Chief Consumer officer

Mr. Sorgner has over two decades of expirience as a insurance and consulting agent and engineer. His focus are consumers and small investors that deserve the same professional service as our institutional and larger investors, but with a focus on achieving the best result within their parameters.


Investment officer

Mr. Stix, an Austrian food entrepreneur, is dedicated to promoting sustainable and eco-friendly products and investments. With his family’s extensive experience spanning decades in the sector, he possesses profound insights into the day-to-day operations and project development within the industry. His primary focus lies in cultivating investor relations and spearheading upcoming tourism projects.

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